RV Storage Facility

The love for recreational vehicles in America has escalated over the years. The use of a RV is during the summer for a fun and exhilarating camping trips but once winter arrives; its use declines and you’re left with having a difficult time taking care of it. Phillips Foundation Auto & Storage Center knows how much of a big investment your RV is, that is why in Aurora, CO, we offer a reliable RV storage facility for those cold months.

So when summer ends and you don’t have a large driveway, count on our secure big truck storage. Phillips Foundation Auto & Storage Center’s main 15,000 sq. ft. building houses two heated applications and spray booths for your RV and big trucks.

Our self-storage facility offers a 60-foot booth and a 20-foot booth to refinish cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, semis, RV’s and buses. Both units in our covered storage are heated so poor weather installations area breeze for your vehicle. For more information on our RV self storage, contact Phillips Foundation Auto & Storage Center in Aurora, CO.